Vex 4 is the latest version of the addicting Stickman match collection. Vex 4 brings the pole hero and it’s even better now in this game. It is possible to slide, climb, jump or run so you are able to reach to the success in the action packed and thrilling adventure sport regardless of your age. To acquire, you must have what is necessary to conquer all of the 25 levels.
The hotkeys that are employed in this game are the same as those that are used from the old models of the sport. You may choose to play using W, D, S or A keys and arrows keys also function to guide the stick figure hero at a way that you wish him to take. You might also press the M key in order to mute the music of the match and other noises effect. You could also do it in the alternative panel. Other keys which may be utilized are L, K and J to be able to activate some power-ups that might be bought from the game store.

To play Vex 4 you’ll need to decide about various characters found in the game and you need to choose them at the beginning of the game while you continue to advance within the entire game. At the beginning, you’ll need to begin using two primary characters which are female and male stick figure. When you progress, in the levels, you will be unlocking the characters that might incorporate a mean tolerate or a cute kitten.
The match has 25 new degrees or new functions which need to be completed. With every action, you’ll have to collect as many stars as possible. Such stars are going to give the personality you’ve picked the score points and it’ll grant you to receive in-game money. The cash may be used to buy the power-ups and items from the shop. You ought to keep the eye out to get the celebrities whenever you can. There are a few stars which are not so easy to get.

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